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Maytag Wine Cooler Repair

Not everyone may agree on the exact proper temperature for wine storage and consumption, but no one thinks that the average wine should be stored or consumed warm. It is possible that the ideal storage facility for wine might be a deep mountain cave somewhere in the Alps of Italy or France, but that is practical for very few homes. For many modern homes an undercounter wine fridge is a far more reasonable solution.

Maytag offers popular wine and beverage coolers, including the very popular dual temperature zone beverage center. This 5.8 Cubic foot cooler offers two distinct temperature zones with independent temperature controls for each zone. One zone is intended to hold up to 12 bottles of wine at a temperature of 50-70 degrees F, and another zone is for other beverages and food at a temperature of 38-48 degrees F. The door can be adjusted to swing either way and is made of an UV protected tempered glass. By filtering out UV light the wine is protected from light damage, much like storing your wine in a cave or cellar.

With a minimum of care you should not have to worry about appliance repair of your Maytag wine fridge. The first concern is to keep your cooler clean. Follow manufacturers instructions with regard to a non-abrasive cleaner and cloth or sponge. Disconnect the power and remove all bottles, cans, and racks. After cleaning with a mild detergent and warm water you may want to wipe down with a mild baking soda solution. Do not use any flammable cleaners, or any fluids that may leave a strong odor.

Make certain that your cooler has good ventilation and is not in bright sunlight or exposed to heat sources. Make sure that it is on a level surface and is never allowed to lay on its side or upside down. If that should happen, allow it to stand upright for at least 2 hours before plugging it back in.

Always be certain that the power cord is in good repair. If it needs replacement be certain to use genuine Maytag parts to replace the cord, and do not attempt any wine refrigerator repair or other kitchen appliance repair that you are not certain you can perform properly. Consult a Maytag appliance repair service when you are not sure.

Make sure that your door seals properly. The door must be aligned properly and the seal should be in good repair. If you do not know how to adjust the door be certain that you get trained, competent help. If the door seal (gasket) needs to be replaced, use only Maytag appliance parts. Do not attempt this repair unless you are certain that you know what you are doing.

Replacing interior lights is more a matter of convenience than something needed to prevent damage to the unit, but can help prevent damage due to improper handling of bottles and interior parts such as racks. Be certain that you use proper bulbs. If any racks or shelves should be damaged or broken, replace them as soon as possible. Again, use genuine parts.

Maytag Wine Cooler Repair New York

Another concern is that any cooling or heat-exchange wine cooler parts be kept clean so that air can easily circulate. Any fans should be clean and not hitting anything. A noisy fan indicates a problem and should be checked promptly. Wine refrigerators can be a good investment for any oenophile (that's fancy-speak for wine lover) and are usually simple to maintain. Maytag wine cooler repair is not a major problem. Open yourself a good bottle of wine, sit back and relax.
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