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Sears Appliance Repair New York

One of the most interesting pieces that you will come away with is that Sear's management team recognizes that kitchen designers, as a group, along with Sears, and their customers, can learn. You will also be impressed by the'Heroes at Home'program, which is a charitable initiative that helps military service families. In 1927, Kenmore first appeared as a Sear's laundry appliance, which was a wringer washing machine with an agitator. Sears had sold 1,000,000 Kenmore laundry appliances by 1936.'Its popularity hasn't diminished. Today, nearly 1out of every 3 American homes contains a Kenmore appliance. You can see why, when you look at Kenmore's history. Kenmore has a very long list of accomplishments when it comes to automatic appliances. They are stylish, energy efficient and modern designs.

After the World War II, Sears helped revolutionize home decor with the introduction of a line of appliances with the brand name of Kenmore Harmony House. These appliances featured the latest technology and designs for ranges, dryers, and washing machines. These appliances came in bright colors including Aquamarine, Malibu Coral, Sunshine Yellow and the standard white finish. Over the years, Kenmore has come out with new appliances that reflect the demand of the consumer. Kenmore trash compactors, garbage disposals, and dishwashers joined dryers, washing machines, and ranges. Kenmore then added countertop appliances to the product mix.'

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